Fuah Fart

Meat fried in Duck fat.

Sounds good?

You don’t normally eat meat like that-

tu sabes, all 3 types of prime rib and goat on a stick because that’s how this meat house rolls.

20 minutes into gorging you feel the “meat sweats”  come on.

An hour despues del cafesito at the end of dinner..

you feel the trembles in the belly that eventually manifest as

the Fuah Farts.

Que Dios me la Bendiga

Last night, when I watched the Grammy’s and witnessed them pull the Latino and Hip Hop categories just to leave a woman beater on stage shaking his piri-picho around for young women to- out the clear blue night sky- find their sense of humor at that exact moment and post like the idiotas that they are how they would love to have the fist of this sorry excuse for un hombre- slam through their faces… this also gives me the Fuah Farts tambien.

Oyeme mujeres, mira, I don’t wanna rain on your parade- I mean- after all maybe I’m just toda sensitiva porque se me murio la Whitney Houston a noche tambien pero I’m gonna tell you what- esa estupides of making a joke about hitting a woman… really fucking stupid. Conyo.

Para de joder.

Listen to your Mama.

Ya. Pa que lo sepas.

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