Two Pendejitas on Youtube


que escandalosooooooooooooooooooo!

que show!

Mira, I was bouncing around online today and one of my Cubanitas
lindas that I love sent me this video:

It is one half Cuban-American muchachita and her sidekick on el
YouTube recording un video talking about their experience at school in
Gainesville, Florida … oyeme. It was terrible. For a million
reasons. You figure that the video has gone viral so the girls are either dead or wishing to be dead now that everyone knows what they
had to share with the world.

You thought you got an ass beating when you talked back to your mami y papi that one time … bueno, imaginate the magnitude of this ass beating.

Parece that these pendejitas at the ripe age of 13-15 (who knows, I’m guessing) they had enough insight into the world that they could back their message up with the giant balls that dropped for them along with puberty.  Pero mi gente, they thought wrong, because ahora the single mother of the nerdy one  in glasses had to stop her life to deal with the death threats, media and general community outrage that her daughter participated in causing. And for all you single mothers out there, I know I don’t have to explain to you the f*cking mess that would cause both internally and externally in your life.

Mira, it seems politicians aren’t the only people who need help with
their freedoms of speech. Take this opportunity to yank your kid by the hair and pull their ass up to a computer screen so that you may use this example of sheer stupidity on the part of some kids’ brains that are not done developing to teach your own about cause and effect.

I’m all about children finding their swagger, but not at the expense
of them risking their lives. Clearly these girls were wrong. Tambien
they were really stupid and misguided. They thought they didn’t give a
sh*t about what they were saying until the lynch mob came around to take care of them. I know these days,  it’s cool to not give a f*ck. I mean, tenemos los ninos so clued into the ways of the world that by the age of 9 most children have seen someone poop in a cup on YouTube. Tu sabes? Pero just because their eyes see and their ears hear doesn’t
mean they know that the f*ck is up.

That’s your job, parents.

Now, when you get home, talk to your kids and show them this video and
listen to what they have to say and talk to them about the dangers of running their mouths without thinking about the audience on the other end of their words.

Because if you turn a blind eye today, you may be needing to hire a PR
firm in defense of your family tomorrow.

Como dice my Cubanita linda:

“These girls are gonna learn that the Internet is forever. The truth is
some people are unfortunately born disadvantaged … they just made
themselves that way.”

Ya. Pa que lo sepas.

(if you can’t believe your ears and your eyes want more of this story, please visit mis amigitos the Latino Rebels for the scoop)

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