The Bochinchera of a Latina on Christmas. Latina Denial.

“Who touched my Mac!”

“Who erased my show?”

“Who moved my purse?!… oh here it is”

“You’re never gonna believe this”

“She’s so dramatic”

“CONYO, are they killing the pig or how long do I have to wait for this lechon”

“I’d eat a burger- but I’m on a diet”

“Extra cheese, extra ranch please”

“that’s SUPER cute”

“that’s SUPER rude”

“that’s SUPER expensive”

“Baby why is there VOMIT next to my toilet on Christmas EVE?!!!”

“I’m about to lose my sh*t on my cousin”

“this woman won’t get off my ass”

“move your head I can’t see”


“apparently it’s whatever YOU want”

“Well, she don’t have to be so rude about it, it’s not my fault she hates her job”

“ I LOVE it”

“I love IT



“Oh. my. God.”

“Aye Dios”

“ hell no”

“hell yes”

“Hello? Answer me!”


“I got two because they were on sale”

“that’s so ES-tupid”

“what are you doing to lose weight?”

“Sneakers is my favorite chocolate bar”

“Matthew Mac- o..Mick-no-hey lo que sea- el actor, ese.”

“Saca los chicken macnuggets from the refrigerator para los ninos”

“tan bueno”

“tan feo”

YOU ARE de lo mas flaca”

“salpica pa ya”

“salpica pa ca”

“Pide las bendiciones!”

“I don’t think that’s fonny”

“I love you GUYS”

“everyone be quiet so we can brindar”

“cut her off”

“cut him off”

“cut me off!”

put the volume higher”

“sit here”

“don’t SIT there”

“saca la mano”

“juegos de mano NO!”


“to friends”

“to family”

“to those who are not as fortunate as us”

“weweesh jou a Merry Chrismaz”


Que Dios me los Bendigan”

Besitos, coquito y pastelitos,

-Latina Denial-